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e01815167score:4.0 / 52020-08-04

Rooms not bad! is too noisy! out there was a big wind! fight didn't sleep well all night!
mallory_119score:4.8 / 52020-08-03

Very convenient and cheap as a business trip two nights hotel worthy of recommendation! Taxi stand in front of the railway station is a subway station on the edge of the door is at the foot KFC no more advantages than this! Room clean and tidy except on television receiving a little flower can nothing else really GOOD hotel
wilguscore:4.3 / 52020-08-03

Hotels in train station location, Terminal, Metro interchange, and convenient transportation. but the Terminal side of the room noisy at night. service attitude is good, but serious door soliciting. room is relatively small compared to other comparable hotels, things have no space for.
monateundtagscore:4.0 / 52020-07-30

Good main train convenient night noisy
dgfdfdgaasscore:5.0 / 52020-07-30

Convenient family room environment is quiet, the rooms are clean and bright. waiters are warm, than comparable hotels, high cost. to recommend.
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