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jing7848score:4.5 / 52020-12-05

Next to the Guangzhou Railway station, conveniently by train. hotel location on the West side of the station square, the traffic is very convenient. room WiFi signal very well. is to another to eat in the morning or a 7;30 dinner, early not to open the door, take a morning train to eat Oh. breakfast a little earlier.
jxm2046score:5.0 / 52020-12-05

Very clean, located next to the train station, that's easy, the traffic is very convenient, the Metro right outside the gate, in a quiet, facilities in the room price is more upscale, clean, and opposite is the largest garment wholesale market in Guangzhou, and convenient shopping.
linlangscore:4.0 / 52020-12-02

Total Miss JENNY good, give people a feeling of being at home!
misscat325score:5.0 / 52020-11-29

Yes, I would like a place where people don't live too much, there is a separate room with WiFi. very user-friendly
byorsescore:4.3 / 52020-11-29

Just next to the train station, environmental noise, and a large flow of people, internal environment clean and tidy, room is small, if you want to buy leather goods and clothes can live closer.
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